Well, there’s one thing that will continue this year, even despite health concerns from pretty much everybody regarding social distancing; the 46th Annual Jobbie Nooner is still happening this year on Lake St. Clair.
Billed as the “Marci Gras of the Midwest” the Jobbie Nooner attracts between 60,000 to 100,000+ people, on boats, hanging out 5 miles offshore around Gull Island at the mouth of the south channel. It considered being like Mardi Gras, because of how ladies receive beads and drinks.
Once tied up or anchored, the water is shallow enough you can actually get out and walk around to the other boats. Looking at their website,  I don't know that I would take my young children to this event, as it doesn't seem like they should be there. Of course, thinking about it, they really shouldn't be at Mardi Gras either sooo.... why wouldn't you leave them with their grandparents.
Of course, this has both Michigan Health and Human Service officials, and police a bit worried as there will more than likely not be social distancing nor will the mask be worn which are both still recommended by the CDC guidelines.
Wondering why they don’t just cancel? Because as the Detroit FreePress reports, it's not formally organized.  Originally it was planned by two guys named Lee; Lee O'Dell, and Lee Wagner in 1974; since then it has become a yearly tradition for boaters to meet up at Gull island on the third Friday in June and enjoy a Michigan summer day. There is a group called the Jobbie Crew that helps promote the event online and around the area, but none of them are officially part of organizing the event, just spreading the word.
"The thing is, it's kind of an unmanageable event, and we have not endorsed it — ever," said Deputy Steve Campau, a spokesman for of the St. Clair Sheriff's Office. "Our goal — and it has been for years — is to keep people alive."
The event is usually patrolled by different police agencies from both the U.S. and Canada, with the U.S. Coast Guard operating a floating jail.  But the Jobbie Crew website, says yes there are police, but they're pretty non-invasive unless you're being dumb, disrespectful, they will most usually leave you alone.
They also had this to say about the police being around the boat party,
DO NOT GIVE THE COPS A HARD TIME! We support all American law enforcement and military 100% and so should you! 
if you're interested in going to the party again it's Friday, June 26 and the website says the party starts at 6 AM although 11 am to 4 pm seems to be the prime time to be there but if you wait until that time you probably won't find a close spot on your boat. They also say the party is over usually around 6 PM.


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