Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are beyond excited for the newest episode of the show. The movie-spoofing series has long had a rotating cast, with different hosts and comedians appearing as the marooned astronaut and his robot buddies.  The newest episode that’s appear to premiere will feature the return of series creator and original host, Joel Hodgson, for the first time in since 1993 — nearly 30 years.

Joel Robinson as a character is an ex-janitor and inventor for Gizmonic Industries. In the series’ earliest episodes, he was kidnapped by a couple of mad scientists who then forced him to watch B-movies to study his natural reaction to the low-budget content. While to some it might seem like a weird format for a TV show, it's no different from what a lot of people do while hanging out in their living room with friends.

The only difference is the characters, who follow out their own plot away from the movie in "host-segments" where the in-show universe is explored. Hodgson was responsible for creating the series, which originally aired on a local channel in Minnesota. After the show outgrew its original network, it moved to the Comedy Channel which later became Comedy Central. Eventually, it was moved to Sci-Fi. After a stint on Netflix, this current season was funded by fans through Kickstarter.

Hodgson has remained active in the production of the show since it returned on Netflix, working behind the scenes on writing and production. But it’s been a very long time since he actually hosted an episode. This upcoming triumphant return after almost three decades will put an end to that.

The new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 can be watched on the show’s new website, Gizmoplex.

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