Craigslist boasts a user base estimated at more than 60 million people, and some of them evidently work for John Fogerty.

Just ask longtime Fogerty fan Bianca Curnane, who found herself desperately wanting to attend the former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman's June 27 tour stop in Philadelphia, but lacked the funds to pay for passes. In a last-ditch effort, she turned to Craigslist, posting an ad seeking "miracle tickets" to the show.

"Just don’t have the means to get tickets right now and am a HUGE CCR fan," explained Curnane's post. "With the impending storms, I thought maybe some people would back out and not be able to sell their tickets on such short notice. Good karma. Thank you in advance."

If karma is real, Curnane clearly has some of the good stuff stored up, because members of Fogerty's team happened to discover her ad — and responded by not only fulfilling her request, but sending her a pair of front-row tickets that came in an envelope reading "Believe in little miracles."

The only string attached to Fogerty's gift was a request that Curnane call his reps the following day to report back regarding how much she enjoyed the show. No word yet on her concert review, but we're guessing she offered plenty of positive feedback. Fogerty, who's prepping a fall release for his autobiography Fortunate Son: My Life, My Music, remains on the road with his 1969 Tour through early August.

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