Everyone's favorite hot dog place in West Michigan (yes, it's much better than Yesterdog and Corner Bar.  Prove me wrong!) could be getting a makeover.  Johnny B'z wants to renovate their parking lot and turn it into a patio / beer garten with two foot billiard courts.

The proposed renovation will be brought up at the April 11th City Planning Commission Meeting.  The two photos included in this blog are mockups of what the completed renovations will look like.

architect at large via Grand Rapids City Planning Commission Agenda Packet
architect at large via Grand Rapids City Planning Commission Agenda Packet

Below you can read the design proposal submitted by Johnny B'z and architect at large.

The proposed design would remove the difficult concrete parking lot & the related entry drive that cuts across the pedestrian sidewalk along Wealthy St. Proposed to be built in its place would be a pocket-park extending out from the building to create a more pedestrian friendly environment and better relate to the character of the neighborhood. This would also eliminate the cross pedestrian-vehicle traffic that currently exists.

The majority of the park would contain seating surrounded by mulch & planting beds. Also included would be two footpool courts to bring activity from the restaurant out to the neighborhood street and pedestrian circulation paths versus currently being set far back from the road and walkways.

[Source: Grand Rapids City Planning Commission Agenda Packet]

What do you think about the new renovations and would you want to play some foot billiards?

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