If you were thinking of giving up pizza for lent, good luck.

Little Caesars is going to make it completely impossible because if you love pizza and you love bacon, this is for you.

Little Caesars' newest creation is a bacon-wrapped, eight-corner deep dish pizza, WZZM-13 reported.

I'm not kidding. You can't make this up.

More specifically, it's 3½ feet of bacon wrapped around a pizza crust topped with pepperoni, cheese and "even more delicious bits of savory bacon goodness," Little Caesars announced.

Little Caesars, in a news release, said:

The mouth-watering pizza packs a big flavor punch with two types of bacon and classic pepperoni on a Detroit-style deep dish crust. Little Caesars is the first quick service restaurant to offer a pizza with a bacon wrapped crust."

The limited-time roll-out starts Feb. 23, and the deep dish pizza will cost $12, according to Little Caesars.

"We're pushing pizza to its bacon limits ...," "said Edward Gleich, Little Caesars senior vice president of global marketing. "It's unabashedly delicious. That's why we like to say, 'In Bacon We Crust!'"

Thank God it is less than a week until this comes out, not that I'm counting or anything.

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