It's been just over 30 years since the Fresh Prince of Bel Air's Pilot episode aired on television, and once again people are buzzing over it. The series, which ran for 6 seasons on NBC, was incredibly popular and culturally groundbreaking. Executively Produced by arguably the most successful music producer of all time, Quincey Jones, the show was HUGE when it blew up in 1990. Recently, Will Smith reunited the original cast for a reunion on the 30th anniversary of the Pilot episode to re-live what it was like making it.

The reunion is exclusive to people who have HBO Max, as well as the entire series. While watching the first season over I discovered the beginning of an episode gives a nice tip of the hat to Kalamazoo. In season 1, episode 6: Mistaken Identity, Uncle Phil and Vivian are going on a trip to Palm Springs with his legal partner Mr. Firth and his wife. Will offers a responsible young man to drive Mr. Furth's Mercedes, to which Furth happily obliges and nominates Carlton to do so. After the opening credits finish, Carlton is singing, what he thinks, alone in the car, Glen miller's "I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo. WATCH BELOW

They eventually use the clip in Episode 8 in season 1, "Someday Your Prince Will Be in Effect," When Will & Carlton are trying to win the affection of a girl at the mall to win a date with her. The scene is used as a "flashback."

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