This story is flat out heartbreaking on so many levels.

A Kalkaska Township couple who had a menagerie of many pets, were killed attempting to rescue several of them from a fire in their house.

Brian Curry, 56, and his wife Sheryl, were found dead in the home shortly after several neighbors reported seeing them reenter their house in an attempt to save some of their pets.

The neighbors say the Currys had at least two dogs, a cat, a miniature horse and several goats.

"It's very unfortunate that they went back in but people love their animals and kids and some equate both as being the same thing so it's hard to judge," Kalkaska Township Fire Chief Derek Hogerheide told UpNorthLive. "I know they're animal lovers, they're good people so it's very unfortunate we had them out and they made that decision to go back in."

Sheriff's Deputies and Firefighters made several rescue efforts to save the Currys, but were driven back by the flames.

No word yet as to the cause of the blaze which occurred early Thursday morning.

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