It took longer than they thought, but Kansas' members are finally ready to release a documentary on the band.

"I figured, 'Yeah, it'll take three or four months and we'll have it done," drummer and co-founder Phil Ehart told Billboard about the project. "Wrong. With Kansas, nothing is easy -- not even a documentary. So here we are, two and a half years later, and it's finally coming."

The film, titled “Miracles Out Of Nowhere,” will be released with an accompanying CD on March 24.

It traces the rock group’s rise to international stardom, including their deal with Don Kirschner, and follows their first six years and five albums, which produced such hits as "Carry On Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind." Kansas has been around four decades.

“It just never should've happened," Ehart says of their success. "There's just no way this ever should've happened to six guys in the middle of nowhere."

In this clip from the movie, the band explains how "Dust In The Wind" came about.

All six of the original Kansas members contributed to the film, and for some of them it was very hard to relive the past.

“Y'know, it all went so quickly and we were traveling and working a playing so much we didn't have a chance to really remember or realize what we were going through at the time," Ehart told Billboard.

"When some of the guys started seeing the rough edits and things I would send them, I had two or three guys tell me it was very emotional for them because they literally didn't remember it. It's the first time they'd actually gone back there and revisited those times, and when that ends with all of us standing on that mound in Topeka for the first time in 40 years. ... I was like, 'Really, you got emotional?' 'Oh, yeah man. I sat there and cried like a baby.' That's something I didn't expect."

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