A recent collaboration with Paul McCartney gave Kanye West an opportunity to pose the one question any fan would ask. No, not which movement, exactly, was on who's shoulders in 'Hey Jude.'

Instead, as West explained during a talk he gave as part of an industry event on Wednesday, the duo talked about girls. Specifically, the 37-year-old hip-hop star says he asked: "What was p---y like in the '60s?" There's no mention of how (or if) McCartney responded.

The occasion where this conversation was recounted was a preview of new music for radio programmers at the iHeartMedia Music Summit. West offered an a cappella rendition of the long-rumored, just-released single 'Only One,' which features McCartney performing alongside his freestyle lyric.

West also discussed the larger meaning of the track -- his mother called him "my only one" as a child -- and a special Beatles-related moment in the studio. It seems West always thought the bass line on 'Come Together' was particularly sexy, and was stunned when McCartney recreated it for him on the spot.

There's already talk of more music from this unlikely pairing, by the way. So, who knows what other special insights West might draw out of McCartney?

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