After over 2 months of strikes and multiple failed contract negotiations, Kellogg announced that it will permanently replace the striking factory workers.

Strikes began at Kellogg's on October 5th of this year when workers walked out over a variety of issues involving health care, vacation time, and retirement benefits. Since the initial walk out date, the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) representing the strikers has attempted negotiate 19 times with no success.

Now, Kellogg is resorting to replacing the striking workers in order to keep up production of their products to meet demand.  Kellogg North America President Chris Hood said "The prolonged work stoppage has left us no choice but to continue executing the next phase of our contingency plan including hiring replacement employees in positions vacated by striking workers." in a statement released on Tuesday, December 7.

Hood went on to say that Kellogg's decision was partly due to their "obligation to our customers and consumers". The cereal manufacturer was “disappointed” by the outcome and considered the plan to replace the striking workers to be a last resort.

The union representing the striking factory workers said that they would continue to provide "full support to our striking Kellogg's members."

Kellogg has not announced how many additional employees it will need to hire to fill all 1,400 positions that were previously staffed by union members. It appears that many of the positions are already filled by temporary workers, but Kellogg's does have hundreds of job openings across the country, including several in the Grand Rapids area.

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