Two Watervliet teachers earned a spot on Kelly Clarkson's talk show for their creative food drive.

It Was More Than A Food Drive, it Became A Fun Game

South Elementary in Watervliet in Michigan's southwestern corner, lives by the slogan, 'Joyful learning', and so after raising close to 1100 boxes of cereal in a recent food drive, the teachers at the school lined the boxes up and knocked them over like dominoes, earning cheers not only from the entertained students, but from the national 'Kelly Clarkson Show'.

A video posted online got Kelly's attention, so she invited two of the teachers on to her show and featured some of the video.

The big winner was the food bank in Watervliet, who was able to stock one of their more popular items just as inflation starts hurting low income families.

The original video of the cereal domino drop was posted by South Elementary back in March, showing all 1094 boxes fall after being lined up in the hallways.

Kelly Clarkson Say It Made Her Happy

Kelly saw the video and featured the school on her 'What I'm Liking' segment which closes every show.

"I'm like 40 and I find so much amusement in that!" Kelly told the teachers, Crystal and Angela, who appeared on her show via Zoom last week.

Angela told the former American Idol winner that cereal is actually one of the most in demand food item at food banks, because families with children request it.

Kelly then commended the young teachers for teaching compassion at such a young age, to which Crystal responded that two of her students us the food bank and used the cereal from the drive.

As part of their appearance, the school was awarded $1000 from Pilot Pens, the sponsor for the feature.

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