If you don't know what smurfing is, don't worry about it, if you do, KNOCK IT OFF!

'Smurfing' is buying controlled over the counter cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine for cash and giving to someone else for the production of methamphetamine. It's illegal, and Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker wants you to know they are cracking down on it.

Becker held a press conference at Keystone Pharmacy in Cascade Monday to talk about meth trafficking in the area.

A new spike in confiscations of Mexican produced crystal meth may spark a price war that could lead to more local meth lbs, and hence the warning about 'smurfing'.

“We haven’t had a huge issue in terms of the meth labs across Kent County, across the state because we’re seeing a lot more of the Mexican meth come up,’’ Becker explained. “But once you see more money in it, they’re going to try and make it here.’’

Larry Wagenknecht of the Michigan Pharmacists Association says his group is on the front lines of trying to stop local meth production.

“If someone asks you to purchase Sudafed for them, you should think twice,’’ Wagenknecht told WZZM-13. “Because chances are, if they are paying you to purchase it for them, it’s likely going to be used for something that is against the law.’’


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