Less than a month after Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued the stay at home order, crime is starting to rear its ugly head on several businesses in Kent County, Michigan.

According to WOOD, Monday morning police were actively investigating multiple break ins in stores all around Kent County. One business happened to be a gun shop in Kentwood.

Over the past couple years in West Michigan, gun stores had been a primary target for thieves and that had slowed to a halt until early Monday morning after an alarm fired off at Armory Valentine on East Paris Avenue.

Less than a year ago Armory Valenitne was broken into and only 5 weapons were stolen. This time, police are unsure what is missing from Monday's break-in.

Other businesses that have also been hit are Snipes clothing on 28th Street, ACE Hardware on Michigan Street, Mickey Shorr on Plainfield Avenue.

Police are still investigating all of these cases. Suspects are still unknown and there is no evidence right now linking any of these cases.


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