Friday, March 13 is the day the first recreational marijuana dispensary will open in Kent County. 

The owners of Meds Cafe on Main Street in Lowell (M-21) say they are expecting long lines on Friday (March 13) for their official opening.

"It's going to be very busy. It's going to be a very high-traffic area here. We've told the businesses right near us like 'hey, this is the day that you might want to get a few extra people in there, because it's going to be a madhouse,'" co-owner Casey Cole told WZZM 13 News.

They were hoping to open earlier this year, but a crunch on supplies of some strains caused them to delay it.

Meds Cafe will be a full service outlet with flower, edibles and vaping cartridges all ready to go on opening day.

Cole told 13 News that some people can't wait for the opening.

"We have people coming up here every day, all the time. Now that we have the sign up on the building it seems to be coming more and more...They all seem happy about it.

Meds Cafe will be located in the old Family Video building in Lowell. Cole says they have rented out the Arby's parking lot next door for Friday in anticipation of the big crowds.

And as you can see from the Google street view photo of the location, it is right next door to a Taco Bell, if you get the munchies.



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