Not since Squints risked his life just to get that one magic moment with Wendy Peffercorn has a kid pulled off such a smooth move with a lady.

At Saturday night's Rangers-Blue Jays game at the Ballpark in Arlington, Louis Rivera of the Rangers tossed a young Texas fan a foul ball. Turns out the suave little dude already had a different ball in his other hand, which he turns and gives to a pretty (older) girl behind him, making it look like he is giving her the foul ball he just caught. All the while the real game ball is still in his glove.

It's unclear where the decoy ball came from, but who cares? This kid just managed to dazzle an older woman and keep a genuine foul ball all at the same time.

You, kid, are our hero.

Note: If the video is not available, click here to watch it.

If there was ever anybody who managed to have their cake and eat it too, it's this kid.

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