Relieved though we are to have all those Jon Snow shenanigans behind us on Game of Thrones, we’ll admit that stars and producers did an admirable job clinging to the barely-there secrecy of Kit Harington’s return. Well, all except Harington himself, perhaps, who apparently spoiled the good news to a police officer in exchange for getting off with a warning.

The erstwhile Lord Commander shared the anecdote during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, recalling how producers and showrunners had first ordered him to keep Jon Snow’s resurrection a secret. Harington immediately informed his parents, as well as girlfriend Rose Leslie of course, but admitted that an officer pulling him over for speeding proposed to waive an arrest in exchange for the prized info. What’s an HBO star to do?

Assuming the story actually happened (and that’s one quick-witted comeback for the lawman), it’s at least of interest that the noble officer kept the prized secret to himself, rather than trade in his exclusive info for the notoriety.

In any case, that wily Jon Snow will get right back to protecting the realm this Sunday (albeit without remaining at the Night’s Watch), and hopefully Harington will keep to the speed limit, less every officer in town extort him for all of George R.R. Martin’s wares.

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