I know there are some people who like to get adventurous with their mac and cheese: Toss in some bacon, maybe some veggies. But this... THIS is too far.

In the name of Valentine's Day, Kraft has decided to ruin perfectly good macaroni and cheese by turning it into sweet, pink "Candy Kraft Mac and Cheese".


According to the Instagram account CandyHunting, "The box comes with a Candy packet to turn the mac & cheese pink and give it a sweet candy flavor." Ok... so you know how sometimes the cheese powder in regular mac and cheese gets all chunky? Imagining those chalky chunks as this bubblegum pink color is making me want to gag.

The end result that they're using in the promo shots doesn't even look good! It looks like brains. Or like raw hamburger meat. Definitely NOT something you should be eating.

It's almost as bad as "Pumpkin Spice Mac and Cheese", the abomination that Kraft released in the fall.

As with that promotion, Kraft is only making a limited amount (thank god) and you can try to win some here (for whatever reason you would want to do that).

But why, right? Why did Kraft do this? (Aside from the very obvious reason to get people talking about the brand... like we're doing right now...) The only reason Kraft gives is: "Love makes people do strange things."

Not this strange, Kraft. Not. This. Strange.

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