After an almost snowless December, the lake effect machine may make this a white Christmas after all.

This late fall has brought the least amount of snow in recorded history to most of West Michigan, and with a 50 degree day Wednesday in the forecast, the prospect of a romantic, Bing Crosby-esque White Christmas seemed impossible.

So thank God for brisk northwest winds sweeping over Lake Michigan.

An arctic cold blast, which will manifest itself in the area Thursday morning, may bring the lake effect snows necessary to give Santa's sleigh a little extra glide.

Lakeshore areas will see heavier amounts, but the entire region form US-131 west will see enough snow to call it 'white'. Grand Rapids will get an inch of accumulation Thursday night into Friday morning.

Is it a lot? No. But Bing Crosby never really isolated an exact amount for a Christmas to be white, did he? The only criteria we have to meet is "glistening treetops", am I right?

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