Wolverine Worldwide did a lot of dumping of waste material from their factory on a piece of property in West Michigan that the company now wants to turn into a public park.

Let me get this straight, a company dumps waste on some land that winds up poisoning people's drinking water, but its safe to build a park there? There better not be a well dug for a drinking fountain.

According to WOOD, the old House Street dump that is located in Belmont is where Wolverine would like to make a public park. This coming after the company was found guilty of dumping waste for decades on this location that contained PFAS which they say was a carcinogen that is found in Scotchgard that the company used to treat the shoes and boots they made.

Even though the House Street dump was closed in 1970, last year, Wolverine Worldwide paid nearly 70 million dollars to clean up the site. This dump site had contaminated wells in the area so I am not sure how one goes about cleaning up an aquifer.

I will say at least an attempt to clean the area is a good thing and now Wolverine wants to take it a step further by building a public park over the dump site. I have a feeling this is going to be trickier than it sounds.

Wolverine are looking at creating a nature preserve and including measures to reverse the environmental damages that were created by the years of dumping waste on the land that not only damaged peoples drinking water but also did major damage to the Rogue River.

Some areas of the land, the public still would not be able to go on since so much damage was done. Others areas of this land has been deemed safe for people to walk and enjoy the nature. There is talk of putting a parking lot over top of one of the worst dump area locations.

Part of the plans for the nature area include a pedestrian bridge, picnic area, an accessible trail, hiking trails and an overlook.

If Wolverine is not allowed to turn the dump into a park, the only other alternative is to cap the entire area of the site and would make the area totally unusable and not a good view for those who live in the area.

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy will go over the study that was conducted on the property and possibly make a decision as soon as February 19.

If you live in the area or just want more information on what Wolverine Worldwide's plans are and have any questions, you can email HouseStreet@wwwinc.com or phone 616-866-5627.

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