At the end of this video, the narrator says:

In the 1938 movie 'The Adventures of Robin Hood,' Robin Hood splits an arrow down the middle. Some consider this the ultimate archery trick. They're wrong. The ultimate archery trick is splitting an incoming arrow in two with one of your own. We do not recommend you try this at home.

As you hear those words, you watch as Lars Andersen fires an arrow at an incoming arrow and splits it in two. It is indeed a neat trick. You know what else is? Ripping off three accurate shots in less than a second. That's another one you really need to see to believe. And how 'bout firing an arrow through the pull tab of a soda can? What about grabbing an incoming arrow with your bare hand then firing it back?

Lars can do all that stuff, and yet still, he's, well, kinda funny-lookin'. Now, we don't want to get caught making fun of a man with as deadly as skill set as Lars, but one of the most charming parts of this highlight reel is that, as agile and dexterous as he clearly is with a bow, he's also kind of a gawky dork. Did you watch him try to throw a ball? He'd get laughed off the playground. (Of course, then he'd come back with his bow and arrows and suddenly everyone's running away screaming.)

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