The latest advance taste of Led Zeppelin's remastered and expanded version of 'IV' might be the most interesting of all, as we're treated to an alternate mix of 'Stairway to Heaven.' You can listen to it above.

Recorded during Led Zeppelin's summer 1971 stay at Los Angeles' Sunset Sound Recorders, this version of the classic song plays down John Paul Jones' recorder and John Bonham's drums so that Jimmy Page's guitar sounds more detailed.

It's not all that earth-shattering, but it still arrives with a jolt of surprise -- if only because 'Stairway to Heaven' has become so deeply ingrained in our culture. “It’s always interesting to hear stuff that you know really well and hear it differently, but the same,” Jones told Rolling Stone. “It does give a different perspective on it. You hear different things."

The updated 'IV' arrives on Oct. 28, along with a deluxe edition of 'Houses of the Holy.' As with the reissues of Led Zeppelin's first three studio projects earlier this year, both albums have been remastered by Page and are accompanied by a second disc of unreleased tracks.

You Think You Know Led Zeppelin?

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