My wife and I are Survivor fans and this season was a bit nuts; there were three evacuations, super idols, and quadruple alliance flips by one contestant. Last night a million dollars was given to a contestant, and some people have beef with who was chosen as the winner.

Spoilers ahoy!

So, to set things up first of all congrats to the winner Michele Fitzgerald! She played a real low key game, like really low key. Like there were episodes where she only appeared in the background. But, in the end she won a million dollars.

Now, some people are super upset about the fact that she's the winner and not the Aubry Bracco. Aubry's game was intense, she hit the beach on day one and went into a panic thinking that she was dehydrated, and was an emotional wreck crying on the shoulder of a fellow contestant. You would think that would have been her lowpoint. She made voting alliances with other castaways, only for them to be pulled from the game because of health concerns. Neal Gottlieb was pulled because of a nasty (staph?) infection that was threatening his knee, and Joseph Del Campo, well, Joe ate too much beef. No really, first of all he is 70 years old and over indulged on beef at a reward, that caused a blockage and he was unable to urinate. So they pulled him over concerns about his kidney. Getting old sucks. Back to Aubry, so just when she started feeling safe something happened and she had to make new voting connections.

Michelle was never truly safe, but she never really made waves. She seemed to coast by, until she voted off her BFF on the beach fellow 'beauty tribe' member Julia Sokolowski. I think, Michelle voting off her closest ally to further her game, was the big bombshell of a move.

Aubry had everyone else convinced to vote Michelle out so she wasn't in the final 3, Michelle won immunity so it was Aubry vs Michelle vs Tai Trang (who flipped his game so many times I couldn't keep up).

As Michelle did not have nearly the struggle that Aubry did, scores of Survivor fans feel that Michelle did not deserve to win the show. I respectfully disagree, I think she used a strategy that we saw less than a year ago.

Survivor Cambodia: Second Chances - now this was the previous season of survivor that aired in the fall of 2015. It featured old players back again. I won't go deep into the quagmire of power plays and what not but I will sum it up.

Jeremy Collins played a real low key game, wasn't a real threat didn't make waves and he always shielded himself behind a bigger (perceived) threat.

Kelley Wentworth played a hard on game, with lots of confessionals, scrambling and moves until the final immunity challenge that she lost. Side note: If Kelley Wentworth won immunity and made it to the final 3 I still don't believe she won it all as Jeremy dropped his big bombshell of the game. At the final tribal he told everyone his wife was pregnant with a child so he was playing for his unborn baby, something that he kept secret the entire time.

In the end I think Jeremy won with his low-key game, Michelle with hers. Neither did anything huge, but neither did anything to upset the jury members aka all of the other castmates who rather sit in the final 3.

Disclaimer: Aubry was my wife's favorite contestant, mine was pre-merge Tia - after his second flip I was done.

What's next for survivor? In the fall, it's Millennials vs Gen X

Interesting, can't wait to see how it plays out.

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