Yesterday, David Letterman used his Twitter account to tease... something coming on February 1. Today is February 1st, and it comes with a blessing from the comedy gods: A new Letterman YouTube channel full of classic clips from the history of both Late Night With David Letterman and The Late Show with David Letterman.

So far, the site contains around 150 clips, including memorable interviews from Letterman’s talk shows, standup sets from great comedians, as well as some of his best comedy bits. The highlights of the latter include Dave’s time running the drive-thru at a local Taco Bell:

You can also watch the very first installment of the immortal “Stupid Human Tricks.”

Of course, there are Top Ten lists as well, like Fabio’s Top Ten Pick-Up Lines:

There are interviews and then some fun video highlight compilations; this video is just all of the hilarious compliments Martin Short gave to Dave through the years.

There are also a couple of clips that are basically short documentaries about the show. This two minute video reveals the history behind Late Night With David Letterman’s fantastic bumpers.

David Letterman retired from The Late Show in 2015. Since then, he’s hosted the Netflix interview series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. This new channel is very much needed. Yes, you can find some Late Night and Late Show clips online, but they’re not well-organized, and they’re mostly fan-made and of pretty low quality. These clips are in HD. And we’d still be thrilled to get full episodes of both shows streaming somewhere.

You can peruse the full Letterman clip archive here — but be prepared to lose an hour or two in the process if you do.

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