Everywhere on social media this morning, people were complaining about everything to do with Super Bowl LIII.

The game sucked to be sure as the Rams and Patriots, offensive juggernauts throughout the regular season and the playoffs, were stymied by poor adjustments to blitzing, scheming defenses.

But people felt the need to go off on everything else Super Bowl related online this morning.

The commercials weren't as good as they used to be, the half time show featuring Maroon 5 was less than thrilling (I thought it looked good and professional, I'm not really sure what you want beyond that...fireworks, maybe?)

While I concur with some of these sentiments, there is a solution.

You can turn the whole thing off and go out and do something you enjoy. That is an option.

I listened to part of the first quarter on radio (I recently cut my cable cord, and can't pick up channel 3 with my antenna), and quickly decided this game was going nowhere, so I went out and did some stand up comedy at an open mic night in Eastown. And while my set wasn't the greatest, I enjoyed myself, talked to some friends, and had a pretty good time.

Next year, promise me this --- if the game stinks and the commercials aren't that great, let it go, and go do something that "sparks joy" as Marie Kondo would say. And stop whining.



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