Detroit Lions interim coach Darrell Bevell came out swinging against the Chicago Bears and lead the team to victory during his head coach debut.

I had to run some errands on Sunday - do a little Christmas shopping and pop into work - so I thought, "why not take the Detroit Lions along for the ride?"

I started listening to the game on the radio, then wound up watching/listening while at work to then go back to listening on the radio to finally seeing the last two minutes of the game on my own TV at home. Needless to day, the Lions game was quite a ride.

What seemed like a typical Lions game on Sunday had a much better ending than usual for us Lions fans.

According to FOX 17, the Lions didn't have the lead once in the game against the Bears until the final two minutes of the game. The Lions pulled down the road win with a pretty solid fourth quarter of play.

This was the first division game the Lions have won all season. It's not going to change much for the team as far as playoffs but it was nice to see them stay in the game and come back and win against the Bears 34-30.

The Bears really walked on the Lions defense the whole first half. It seemed that every time the Lions made any positive traction on offense, the defense just let the Bears roll over them. Well, until somewhere in the third quarter when the defense had enough and tightened up.

They day after Thanksgiving the Lions owners fired coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn. Ownership enlisted Lions offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell to lead the team until a head coach is decided upon.

This is a great opportunity for Bevell because he gets to audition for the job as head coach for the Lions in real time while also auditioning for other coaching opportunities that are available in the NFL.

Quarterback Mathew Stafford had a great game aside from one interception. He marched the team down the field for two scores in the final minutes of the game.

Coach Bevell did a good job keeping the Lions fired up and in the game but it's only one win. The Lions have the Packers next at home and the Packers have been on fire this year and put a pretty good beat down on the Lions earlier this season. If the Lions beat the Packers, team owners may take a much closer look at Bevell.

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