If you think playing NFL quarterback is back breaking work, you are correct.

As evidenced by the Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford last season, when he played through one of those—yeah, I’m talking about a broken back.

Lions fans and, more likely, Stafford’s fantasy owners may recall he made the injury report the final month of the season with the designation of a back injury.

And we now come to find out what exactly that injury was.

He had a broken back last year,” team website writer Mike O’Hara said on a podcast this week. “Broken bones in his back.”

When asked by his co-host if he was supposed to say that, O’Hara replied: “It’s been reported.”

Actually, it had not been… until now.

Stafford clearly wasn’t himself over the last month of the season, but there was never any recognition (until now) the injury was serious in any way.

Regardless, Stafford has now started 128 straight games, the sixth-longest streak by a quarterback in league history.


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