David Gilmour is offering fans a pre-release listen to the title track and first single from his new solo album, Rattle That Lock.

The official version of the song, which you can listen to above, follows a brief flurry of activity from the former Pink Floyd frontman, during which he announced the album title, briefly teased the title track and finally unveiled the artwork, track listing and new tour dates — all within a 10-day span.

"‘Rattle That Lock’ was inspired, musically, by the sound that’s played at French railway stations before they make an announcement," Gilmour explains in a promotional video for the album. "It’s a jingle, a four-note jingle that’s played. Every time I heard it, it would make me want to start dancing." Dogged by inspiration, he finally recorded the series of notes during a trip: "I turned my iPhone on, held my iPhone up nearer the speaker and waited for the next announcement."

While writing Rattle That Lock, Gilmour continued his long creative partnership with wife Polly Samson, who's contributed lyrics to his songs for decades; in the particular case of the title track, he says she was inspired by Book Two of John Milton's Paradise Lost, in which Satan plots to break through the gates of Hell and make his way to Earth. When he makes his way to the gate, he has to get past Sin and Death, who control the locks — hence lines like "So long Sin, au revoir Chaos / If there's a heaven, it can wait."

Rattle That Lock is due out Sept. 18 and is available for pre-order now.

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