Rolling Stone has published a great article highlighting the music of pop and rock superstars before they became famous.

And many of the examples they gave had their roots right here in Michigan.

Rolling Stone's wonderful look at "30 Fascinating Early Bands of Future Music Legends" shows the multitude of bad decisions many future superstars made while making the effort to find their own songwriting chops.

This also shows it's okay to fail, regroup, and still hit number one.

Here's some bands and artists with Michigan roots and what they sounded like before they found their footing and soared. Be warned, these will hurt your ears.

Rochester born and UM student Madonna Ciccone reunited with an old boyfriend, Steve Bray, to get her recording career off the ground. But before she found her groove in the dance music of the early '80s and became MADONNA, Steve and Emmy Ciccone (as she was known then) started a punk-esque band called Emmy and the Emmys. The result failed miserably. Back to the drawing board, Em found success a year later with 'Holiday'. Here's 'Emmy's' demo sent to record companies.

Michigan punk impresario Iggy Pop first fronted a really bad garage band called The Iguanas. This cover of Bo Diddley's 'Hey Mona' is down right awful, but maybe the anger of being in a crappy band fueled his anger that he threw around stage while in the Stooges. Who knows?

Detroit native Vincent Furnier was trying hard to fit in in his new high school in Phoenix, AZ when he and his friends decided to make fun of the Beatles craze by forming a parody version of the Fab Four called The Spiders. I don't know if the joke got him friends, but this single went nowhere professionally.

Listen to more examples of superstars in bad bands, including a metal band fronted by Billy Joel, a folk pop group headed up by founding members of the Cars, and a doo wop group with metal maven Ronnie James Dio as its lead singer.

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