Have you recently gone through a bad breakup or had your heart broken? Feeling like you need someway to get revenge on an ex or past lover? Well, here's one way you can get back at that cockroach...

...by naming one after them!

For Valentine's Day the Hemsley Conservation Centre (HCC) in the U.K. has an interesting way to get back at your ex while being petty at the same time. It's part of their "name a cockroach program" to raise money for the zoo. So for only $2 you can name the ugly thing after your ex or really anyone who makes you cringe.

At the end of the program, the HCC will put together a roach board with all the names which will be posted on Valentine's Day on their social media sites.

I could already think of a few names who deserve this honor...

On the opposite side of things, a zoo in Boise, Idaho is doing something similar with their cockroaches. But they're asking you to name it after a loved one, which just seems rude.

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