What can brown do for you? Hire you and 499 others for seasonal work in Grand Rapids.

I actually took a season job at UPS in Flint back when I was in college. To this day it was the best company I had ever worked for. Not only did I make good money, I did such a good job they kept me on after the seasonal work ran out.

There is lots of room for advancement at UPS. I moved up the ladder each year I was there. I even got a buddy a job there and he worked their his entire career and retired a few years ago. So from experience I can first hand say UPS is a great place to work.

According to WOOD, now is the time to see what brown can do for you as UPS are looking for 500 seasonal employees and the event is going today (Thursday) through Saturday.

There are a lot of positions that UPS are trying to fill such as unloaders, sorters, and even delivery drivers. You get the job and work your butt off and you might be one of the nearly 1/3 of seasonal employees they keep for a full time job.

There are some pretty cool incentives that go along with these positions like health care benefits, tuition assistance and an attendance incentive. This is a huge opportunity for people looking for a career with a company that continues to grow.

If you already have skills in any of these areas it may be easier for you to just apply online and almost instantly get a job offer and quickly schedule your first day of work. Just click here to apply.

To apply in person, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Thursday and Friday, stop by their location at 5757 Clyde Park Avenue SW in Wyoming. UPS ask that you park in the lot by the customer counter, ring their doorbell to the HR office and ask for Mark Daniels.

With everyone buying more and more online, UPS will only continue to grow and that is good news for those looking for a long term career that pays well with benefits.

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