Billy Joel has made a habit of inviting other acts onstage to join him during his concerts during recent years, and his record-setting residency at Madison Square Garden has offered the opportunity to enlist just about any artist in the New York area. Last night, that list grew to include former Foreigner bandmates Lou Gramm and Mick Jones, who joined Joel's band to perform a couple of their biggest hits.

As Joel explained to the audience prior to inviting the duo out, he and Jones have a past — Jones produced Joel's 1989 album Storm Front, and Joel contributed a musical cameo to Jones' self-titled solo album, adding piano and vocals to the opening track and lead single "Just Wanna Hold." The trio previously shared a stage in 2013, when Joel inducted Gramm and Jones into the Songwriters Hall of Fame — which paved the way for the Foreigner co-founders to perform together for the first time in nearly a decade.

As Foreigner fans are aware, Gramm and Jones have hooked up far more regularly in recent months; along with the rest of the surviving members of the original lineup, Gramm joined Jones' current version of the group during its 40th anniversary tour last year, with both eras uniting for a tour-ending set that's due to be released as a live recording at some point. Future reunion dates apparently remain a possibility, and Foreigner will certainly stay busy on the road this year: The band has announced a package tour with Whitesnake and Jason Bonham.

In the meantime, Gramm and Jones are clearly still comfortable performing together, as evidenced by footage of their appearance at Joel's show, which found them playing the Foreigner hits "Cold as Ice" and "Urgent." Check out the songs above and below, and visit Foreigner's official site for ticketing information regarding their upcoming dates.

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