A Memorial weekend fire to the 120-year-old Brigadoon Cottage on Mackinac Island required assistance from three other fire departments.

The fire started at about 6pm Sunday evening on the third floor of the structure, which is owned by the Stingel family and used as a private residence. No one was injured in the blaze, which required assistance from the St. Ignace Fire Department, as well as the Mackinaw City Fire Department.

The fire was finally extinguished at around 9pm, with most of the damage contained to the upper levels of the cottage.

Mackinac Island Fire Chief Jason St. Onge said Tuesday morning that damage to the structure is estimated to be close to $1 million. He added that fire fighters were able to grab some paintings and other family heirlooms from the lower floors to prevent them from being damaged.

The Fire Department says it appears the fire stemmed from a family fire in a fireplace that got into the walls between the second and third floors due to a chimney failure.

In a letter released by the Fire Department, the Stingel family said they are heartbroken by the loss, but will rebuild.

“From summers on the porch to Christmas by the fire, we have truly enjoyed it, and we are heartbroken,” the family said.

“We appreciate all the well wishes, especially those that stopped by offering support and concern,” the family said in the letter. “We have a tough battle ahead, but we know that Brigadoon will again be postcard-perfect.”

The family had put extensive work into the cottage since they purchased it in 1989.

In a post to Facebook Sunday evening, the South Kalamazoo Fire Authority reported that one of their firefighters, who was on vacation on the island, pitched and helped with the fire fighting efforts.

The Brigadoon Cottage is not to be confused with the Brigadoon bed and breakfast which in operation on the island, they're still up and running if you have reservations there. Initially, some reports said it was the B and B that was on fire. Those were not true.






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