Rother McLennon is the latest in a long, sad line of disgruntled eaters who have used 911 to express their dissatisfaction with their food order.

The East Hartford, Connecticut man had requested 14 sandwiches from the local Grateful Deli that were to be light on the turkey and ham but heavy on the cheese and mayo. When McLennon discovered that they had gone too heavy on the meat — which generally wouldn’t be a problem — he stormed back to the store and demanded they take the offending sandwiches back.

When he was told they couldn’t because they were special orders, McLennon asked for the deli’s phone and called 911.

I specifically asked for little turkey, and little ham, a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise and they are giving me a hard time,” he told the dispatcher. “I wonder if you can stop by and just  …”

After establishing that McLennon was calling emergency services to complain about a sandwich order, the dispatcher recommended he just pay for the food.

That’s what eventually happened, although not until McLennon declared he wouldn’t be going to the Grateful Deli for a while. He did, however, make clear that he would eventually be back. (Lucky them.)

Between the butt dialing and the incorrect food orders it’s a wonder 911 has any time for real emergencies. Learn more about this latest abuse below.

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