And it figures, he's from Ohio.

When photos from the top of the Mackinac Bridge began surfacing on social media last fall, authorities has little trouble locating the culprit.

25 year old Isaac Kendall Wright of Cincinnati was officially charged last week in Cheboygan County for trespassing on the bridge and climbing to take what I have to say, are some pretty stunning photographs from the span.

Michigan State Police say the official charge is Felony Trespass Upon A Key Transportation Facility.

Wright was arrested in Winona, Ariz. and brought back to Cincinnati on other charges. He was arraigned virtually last Thursday for the Mackinac Bridge charges.

Wright currently remains lodged in the Hamilton County Jail in Ohio. His preliminary exam on the Michigan charge is scheduled for March 5 through the 89th District Court of Cheboygan County.

Known on Instagram as @driftershoots, Wright has climbed and photographed the view from many different locales in addition to the Big Mac. He is an Army veteran who was trained to climb in the military, where he also says he learned to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, leading him to enjoy taking risks like free climbing.

Here are the shots that led to his arrest, including this stunner of the Northern Lights. If only there was a way he could legally get the photos.

"Drift" as Wright is known to his friends, also climbed up the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit last September. He told FOX 2 that the climbs to him are therapeutic.

He also wrote this attached to one of his shots of the Ambassador Bridge:

But there are a few, intoxicated with desperation, unable to accept life just as it is. They are those who dive into the void for no other reason than the sheer possibility of there being more to everything, to themselves, to this world, all of it. They set aside all rhyme and reason and just go for it, delving into new worlds and more profound realities, falling deeper in love with life itself. All the while they are watched, studied and even judged by those who have lived in concession, never daring to even leave the shore. We label them insane, never recognizing the line between genius and insanity is increasingly thin.




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