A man has come forward admitting to hitting 29 mailboxes with his vehicle near Hudsonville early Sunday morning. Apparently, he said it was an 'accident'. 

Funny thing is, the video doesn't look 'accidental'.

This video  is from our media partner FOX 17 and it shows the driver seeming pretty intentional in his violence toward mail boxes.

A 39 year old man came forward to authorities late Sunday after video of the incident was posted to social media.

Mark Bennett of the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department says the man told them the mail boxes being struck were an 'accident'. Bennett told WOOD-TV 8 that 'he has real concerns about his story'.

I'll bet he does.

The investigation is on going, and could result in not only charges against the man for malicious destruction of property, but also he would have to pay restitution to residents who tragically lost the life of their mail box.



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