Federal authorities are on the hunt for a man who threatened to shoot up Ohio State University and their football team.

According to WOOD, the threat took place in 2018 when a man by the name of Daniel Rippy from California used electronic methods of communication claiming he was going to shoot up the university. This was during the annual Ohio State vs Michigan game when the threats came in.

Rippy was indicted in September regarding the threats made during the Ohio State win in Columbus over Michigan 62-39. If Rippy was a Michigan fan, I can see why he was upset but no reason to make a crazy threat.

Here is what Rippy said in his threat, "your school is going to get shot the ("bleep") up and I'm seriously going to hurt the students and all the players from the football team."

Police arrested Rippy December 28 in Livermore California. He bonded out then didn't show back up to report into the police.

If Rippy gets captured and convicted, he is looking at up to five years in the penitentiary.

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