We've all seen them, those giant checks people get when they hit the jackpot playing the lottery. They get the check, the picture... whole nine. And although, this guy didn't win the big money he was treated like a million-dollar winner.

WHOtv reports that Tyler Heep of Des Moines, Iowa, bought some scratch-off tickets last week and was the lucky winner of one whole dollar... yup a measly buck. And instead of cashing in his winnings at a gas station or convenience store he headed to the Iowa Lottery headquarters to claim his prize. He asked staff if he could get one of those "big" checks and shockingly enough they actually did it!

In an interview with the TV station, Heep said they treated him just as they would anyone else who hit the jackpot. They took him to the back room where his check and cameras were waiting. What's great is the memo line read "Stinking Rich."

I know you're probably wondering "what did he do with all that money?!" He used it for half a gallon of gas. Now that's a real winner!

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