You'll never see this name on any map, but there's a roadside park in southern Michigan that has the loving nickname of 'Goose Poop Island.' The true name of the landmark is Maple Island and it sits in Maple Lake. A short foot bridge connect the island to the mainland in the village of Paw Paw and it's easily accessible by drivers on M-40.

Maple Lake is not natural but caused by the damming of the Paw Paw River in downtown Paw Paw. The lake has a single island. That island has had a reputation of being a favorite spot for geese, giving it that particular name.

The question came up recently on a Facebook group dedicated to Paw Paw.

I haven't been to it in years and years. I'm curious of the current state of Maple Island. Is it still very much "goose poop island"? Is there a swimming area anymore?

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The Kalamazoo with Kids blog posted about a visit to Maple Island in 2013 and found a poo poo proliferation.

Seeing the water fowl is lovely but there are SO many that the entire island is poop covered. Swimming is allowed on one side of the island with no lifeguard but the sandy area is about 3 feet long and again… it’s poopy.

Many were quick to share on Facebook that the park and beach area were poop-free. Others shared that there was still quick a bit of poop on the island but it's better than it used to be.

Of course when it comes to the birds, it's their habitat and, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

The park includes a pavilion, playground area and a swimming area but no lifeguard.

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