In a national TV ad for AT&T, Stafford talks about trading in your old stuff for new stuff, kind of like the Lions did with him.

AT&T Ad Also Stars And Was Directed By 'Lily'

The video advertisement also features long time AT&T spokesperson 'Lily', played by Milana Vayntraub, who has also been directing the commercials.

In the 30 second spot, Lily asks Stafford, playing a cell phone customer in her AT&T store, if he would like to trade in his old Samsun Galaxy for a new one.

Stafford responds, "Oh I get it, so you can take your old phone that you had for twelve years and loved every minute of, and trade it in for something new that suits your life now?"

Does that sound familiar?

Stafford Enjoys 'Immediate Success' With New Team, Uh, Er, I Mean Phone

When Lily confirms that that's how the deal works, Stafford replies, "And enjoy immediate success, even though you'll never forget your old phone? EVER," in an obvious tip of his hat to his faithful Lions fans.

If you don't know, Stafford was traded from Detroit to the Los Angeles Rams last season, and then won the Super Bowl with his new team.

"It's a great trade," Lily responds, as if speaking for Los Angeles Rams fans.

"Life changing," says Matthew, winking at the camera.

The ad has been running non-stop during March Madness coverage on CBS and affiliates. It ran way too much during Thursday's Michigan game.

The obvious nod to Lions fans brought immediate reaction on Twitter.


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