Oh, Nancy.

The Mayor of Holland is at it again.  Being all Nancy, and stuff.  This time, it's a video which was posted to Facebook by Joseph F Spaulding, but the video shows a piece of a speech she gave to, what I'm guessing is a town hall, in which she explains cannabis and THC to people.

She says about edibles, that people will take a bite of a cannabis infested infused cookie not feel anything, so take another bite and then jump off a balcony. WHAT? Seriously?   Yes, because that's the first thing you feel like doing when high from an edible, go jump off a balcony.

She also says sometimes places explode and then explains that as they are (I'm assuming she is thinking it's Walter and Jesse doing the chemistry) trying to take the chemical down to the most intense amount, and during that process it causes explosions. Um, no. Nancy, that's meth.  Which is dangerous and illegal.

This is one of the only times I think a government official should be lobbied, and I think it should be by the marijuana industry. They probably won't make huge headway, but at least they'd be able to properly inform the mayor of what really happens with cannabis and THC, just so it's not so cringe-worthy when she does give speeches about it.

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