The Lions and Giants played the Week 2 Monday night game at the Meadowlands and perhaps the best action in the game came in the upper decks when two fans got into it over puke.

The video was captured by a Lions fan who happened to be in the stands. The altercation happened after one fan vomited on another.

The New York Post picks up the story of the fight:

“He literally threw up all over himself,” a couple filming the altercation can be heard commenting in the video as the two men begin to argue with each other.

The man in the white shirt yells at the man in the jersey, upset by the vomit that has apparently landed on him, too.

“For throwing up on me, shut the f–k up,” the man in the white shirt says, presumably explaining to the man in the jersey why he was yelling at him.

Here's the video, which is thankfully fairly devoid of puke, of the incident - unsurprisingly there are some NSFW moments ahead.

If this is what it takes to keep the Lions in first place and undefeated, then I'm for puked up fans at every game.

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