A Meijer employee in Mount Pleasant has been dismissed after spilling poop and pee on another employee, but many questions linger.

NBC 25 News in Saginaw is reporting that police were called to the Mount Pleasant Meijer store after one employee spilled a jar full of "feces and urine" on another worker there.

The Mount Pleasant Department of Public Safety say officers were called to the store after the spilled upon employee became upset after the spill.

An employee confirmed to DPS officers the specifics of the incident, but nowhere in the actual police report, or the news story, is any indication or any good reason given as to why an employee would have a jar of poop and pee.

It certainly isn't something that I have ever encountered in almost 60 years of employed labor. It seems to me that is something that needs to be explained, even if it's just to say that someone was suffering from extreme mental stress.

The news report also adds that photos of the incident were taken, but "are not being distributed". Well, thank God for small miracles.

The article also states the accused employee admitted to the incident and was fired, and that the City Attorney's office has been informed of the situation.

So let's go over some basic life laws, if you haven't learned them already:

1) Do Not Poop and Pee Into A Jar. Ever. For any reason.

2) If you ignore rule #1, do not spill the jar on your co-workers, friends, family, pets, strangers or any living being.

Got it? Good.

Now get back to work.

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