Last week I told you about Meijer buying part of the Bareman Dairy and renaming it the "Purple Cow Dairy" and how it's going to be the new supplier of Meijer Brand milk. I said "Meijer’s milk currently is produced by Dean’s out of Evart. Now the Dean’s people will continue to produce milk for their own brand and others. I love Meijer milk for the taste. I hope the switch from Dean’s to their own milk won’t change the taste. If they can keep the taste and keep the cost down, it’s a win-win!"

Come to find out I wasn't alone. In an article in the Press/mlive this weekend, a reader asked "I would like to know if Meijer plans on making changes to the milk 'formula'," she wrote in her email. "We like the flavor of Bareman's milk a whole lot better than the current Meijer brand. This news has me really bummed out" The reader was more concerned with the Bareman's flavor, but I was more interested in the Meijer milk. Luckily, the article focused more on the Meijer Milk.

The story, "Reader asks: Will Meijer milk soon have that Bareman's Dairy taste?" goes on to quote Meijer spokesman Frank Guglielmi, who says

"There will not be major changes in the taste of Meijer brand milk, but we are always looking for ways to provide the freshest-tasting product,"

I have only one word to say to that.



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