So officially Monday, June 15th, any retailer with their bottle and can return area either, at the front of their store, or in a separate area will be required to start accepting returns, WOODTV reports.

Ahead of that, a few Meijer stores started this weekend testing their new protocols and procedures for accepting returns ahead of Monday’s required to start.  The biggest change starting off is that they will only allow you to return $25 worth of returnables per visit.  This is coming on the news from WOODTV that there are hundreds of millions of returnable containers that we’re all ready to unload and get some of our money back.

Beyond the new $25 limit, Meijer also asks that you be patient, and practice social distancing.  They also suggest making sure your returnables are drained and sorted before coming in.  Meijer only accepts brands sold at Meijer.

Also remember it’s gonna take forever because it always does.

Have you done the math yet on the number of returnables you have? I've got enough I'm thinking it may be better to just donate rather than trying to take them back myself.  The machines, no matter the store, drive me nuts because they're always malfunctioning in some way. I'm not sure I have the patience to deal with that.

Rainbows After the Storm - June 11, 2020

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