"I'm here live. I'm not a cat."

Fox 17 Meteorologist Erik Kostrzewa is once again proving what a treasure he and his goofy videos are to West Michigan.

This time, Kostrzewa has accidentally turned himself into an adorable kitten -- just like the viral video of a confused lawyer who appears as a cat in a Zoom court hearing and can't seem to figure out how to turn off the filter.

Reporter Alyssa Hearin does a good job playing along, telling Kostrzewa he appears to have something on his face. "Oh I did just eat breakfast, do I need a paper towel?" he asks... Eventually Hearin is able to help Kostrzewa remove the filter.

Which makes me wonder, did that Texas lawyer's assistant ever figure it out?

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It sounds like maybe she did? Or maybe it was the honorable Judge Roy B. Ferguson who presided over the virtual hearing and Tweeted about it:

The hilariously perplexed lawyer's name is Ron Pontoon. He (and his human face) appeared on the Today Show  to talk about the whole filter debacle. Ponton explains he'd been using his secretary's computer, who has a young daughter-- likely the one who enabled the cat filter.

Ponton seems to have a really good sense of humor about all of it saying, "I think I got as big of a laugh out of it as everybody else."  When asked if he had been prepared to proceed with the hearing, adorable kitten filter and all, he replies, "I was! Meow meow meow."


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