Hundreds of people reported seeing the bright light of a meteor heading over Lake Michigan early this morning. Did it land in Lake Michigan? 

Video footage of the meteor making its pass over Chicago, Wisconsin and West Michigan are making their way around the internet, but one things certain, no one knows where the darn thing landed, but many believe it probably wound up in Lake Michigan.

The American Meteor Society web site reports the meteor passed through the Upper Midwest at around 2:30am this Monday morning, February 6. Eyewitnesses described the fireball as bright and sporting a green glow.

The footage, some of it stunning, shows the very bright meteor lighting up the sky in suburban Chicago and rural Michigan and Wisconsin. This one from Grand Junction, MI due east of South Haven is the best shot of it. It was posted by Kevin Kalinski, and shared by

AMS compiled data which indicates the meteor was headed north by northeast toward the Door Peninsula of Wisconsin and most likely burned out and fell into Lake Michigan just south of the peninsula.

American Meteor Society
American Meteor Society


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