Throughout the pandemic, Michigan has really kind of been in the news first because we had some of the tightest restrictions in the country and then because we had the lowest COVID-19 infection rates. Unfortunately, we’re back in the news but it’s because we, along with plenty of other states are seeing a pretty big spike of positive COVID-19 cases. Of course, this is been talked about in the news quite extensively because experts worry that we’re relaxing restrictions too quickly.

So does that mean that with more than 5000 new cases here in Michigan in the last day or so as WOODTV reported, that we will soon have tighter restrictions at restaurants and sporting events? According to WOODTV Governor Whitmer does not plan to tighten the recently eased restrictions on sports, indoor dining, or other activities. Why? Because at this point with the vaccine rollout, the high-risk age group of 65+ and other vulnerable groups have seen nearly 2/3rd their population now of vaccinated.

That doesn't mean that we should lower our guard against the pandemic, as WOODTV reports Michigan has seen a 122% increase in positive cases of COVID-19 over the last two weeks.  That puts Michigan third in line for the biggest increases again in positive COVID-19 cases, behind New York and New Jersey.  When it comes to in-person learning at schools, the rise in numbers especially among young adults may soon see schools closing again and going back to virtual learning for the end of this school year.

A number of schools are changing their plans according to the WOODTV story. Lansing Public schools were going to go back to in-person learning next week but have now decided to wait until April 12 at the earliest to try again. That's not the only school setback. From WOODTV,

One of Michigan’s largest high schools, Utica Eisenhower in Macomb County, stopped in-person classes Tuesday until April 19, after 40 students tested positive and more than 400 were quarantined as a result.

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