Special thanks to listener Lee who pointed out that Michigan was featured on Thursday night's program.

Michigan answers have popped up before on the beloved evening quiz show, which airs locally on WWMT, Channel 3 out of Kalamazoo. A city which has its own guide to being on Jeopardy.

But last night, Michigan was prominently mentioned in two 'answers', in two different categories, which have to be responded to "In the form of a question".

I knew both questions immediately, as I thought both answers were fairly easy, but let's see how you do, courtesy of Lee's Facebook page, where he posted these screen shots.

Scroll all the way down for the correct answers.


Pretty easy, right? If you don't know that one, you're definitely not getting this one, although most music fans should get this one as well.


By the way, last night was another in a long line of 'guest host' shows, before they settle in on their new host, Mike Richards on September 13. Joe Buck, the long time NFL and Major League Baseball announcer has featured.

I'm not a big Buck hater like a lot of people are when it comes to his sports announcing. For the most part, I think he's pretty good, but when it comes to 'Jeopardy!' hosting, it's a big 'NO' for me.

Not that it matters, because it would have been a come down for Buck on salary, I'm sure, but I think Mike Richards is a good middle guy choice between the late Alex Trebek, and their eventual choice of LaVar Burton, who I predict will be the hose after Richards flames out.

Anyway, on to the answers:

1) What is Lake Superior?

2) Who is Stevie Wonder? Although they probably would have accepted 'Steveland Morris', which is Wonder's real name.


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