The International Space Station currently has a Michigan astronaut. Drew Feustel grew up in Lake Orion, and now he shares Michigan love from space.

Drew flew to the ISS late last month and this weekend he tweeted a photo of the Mackinac Bridge from space, indicating that like many other astronauts before him, Drew will be giving his home state some major play.

Feustel also appears to be a race car fan, having tweeted photos of the Indianapolis motor Speedway, and this one of the Melbourne Grand Prix race.

Godspeed, Drew, it's a good to have a Michigan man in space! Drew was an auto mechanic who put himself through Oakland Community College, and then went on to graduate from Purdue with a Masters in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

Drew also worked with actor Matt Damon when he was training for his role in 'The Martian'.

NASA Journey To Mars And The Martian
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