A six year old boy in Sterling Heights left a woman speechless after his kind gift of fresh flowers.

An Anonymous Six Year Old Boy Warms Hearts

The boy visits the WalMart in Sterling Heights with his mom regularly, and a few weeks ago he began a ritual that has won over even the cold hearts on the internet.

According to his mom, the boy goes to the flower section of the store and gets a bouquet. After his mom pays for it, he approaches someone in the parking lot he thinks needs a pick me up and gives them the flowers.

And around Mother's Day, he found the perfect recipient

Sue Robbins Had Been Battling Cancer When She Was Given The Bouquet

Sue is 74 and wasn't having the best of days when the boy offered her the flowers.

Robbins told the News Herald, “We were coming out of the store and walking to the car,” Robbins said. “We started putting stuff in the back when this little boy came up to me with his mother. He had a bouquet of flowers in his hand. I said, ‘Oh honey, they aren’t mine.’  And then he said, ‘Yes, they are. Happy Mother’s Day.’ My heart just exploded.”

“He gave me flowers and a hug,” Robbins said. “You don’t turn away a hug from a child. It just melted my heart to no end. I give his parents all the credit in the world.”

Robbins' only regret is after getting the flowers, she failed to get the child's name.

In The End, His Joy Is Your Joy

Robbins' daughter loved the story and had her mom write a recap, which she posted on Facebook. The post quickly garnered 3200 likes and 330 comments like “I love this. This sounds like a beautiful new challenge.” and “sweetest post on the internet.”

The fact that we don't know who the boy is may be a blessing in disguise. After all, the boy does it because he wants to, not to get attention.

So if you're ever at the Sterling Heights WalMart, and some kid hands you flowers, just smile and know your joy is his joy.

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